Having recently graduated with a degree in Zoology my brain is still (fairly) full of science and I thought I would write some of it down.

A lot of people, in response to the words “I do Zoology” say “Oh, so are you going to work in a zoo then?” and I just feel the need to clarify that the answer is in fact no.
Zoology is not to do with working in a zoo (that is animal husbandry), nor is it all about cute fluffy animals (that is imgur). It is the scientific study of the structure, physiology, behaviour, classification, and environmental distribution of animals. From shrimp to elephants and beyond (…well not too far beyond, that would be cryptozoology).

Hopefully you will leave here knowing a bit more about zoological things than you did before, or perhaps having gained a bit more information on current animal topics so you can argue about them more coherently in the pub. Or maybe it will just give you something mildly interesting to read on the loo. Either way, here it is.

That's enough horsing around!

That’s enough horsing around!


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